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I remember the first time I heard the Mamas & the Papas’ 1966 debut smash,
“California Dreamin” like it was yesterday. I always Approach covers of my all-time
favourite songs with trepidation, but songstress Lori Jenaire’s swingin’, sultry version
(Nouveau Bleu) Delivers big time, down to a creative cop of the original flute solo.

The Urban Flux

Recently, I was blessed to hear new music by a relatively fresh voice on the music
scene vocalist, composer and musician named Lori Jenaire of Chicago. From the
onset, her latest project “Fruition” flows with soulful symmetry, and enduring
complexities on songs like “California Dreamin”, “Stay Strong”, “Danger Zone”, and
“Unexpected Storm” all work well within the realm of these plush arrangements and Ms.
Jenaire’s scintillating vocal dynamics. Ironically, her vocal style is reminiscent to the
late Phyllis Hyman.

Soul Tracks

What has happened to songs of romance, love lost a …
What has happened to songs of romance, love lost and found, and intimacy rather than
not sex? Lori Jeanire’s 12 track CD, Fruition, is the answer. Lori Jeanire showed in
her previous work that she is no stranger to quality adult music, and she’s back and in
good form on Fruition. This 6-foot Chicago-born beauty has a powerful voice which
she uses effectively in both neo-soul and jazz settings. Lori’s beautifully designed CD
displays a cover photo that is reminiscent of Angela Bofill, of beauty and simplicity,
creating an aura for the CD contents. She opens Fruition with a quiet updating of the
vintage Mamas and Papas song, “California Dream” painting a picture of love, warmth,
and beauty. Songs ‘Unexpected Storm’, ‘Pictures’, ‘Pieces’ and ‘Better Now’ are songs
of deep passion and of love lost and found.
Fruition is for mature audiences. Play at your own risk –it can be addictive.

Soul Express

If only all 21st century soul music was like this! Under the Moon and Over the Sky is
Originally a tune recorded by Angela Bofill, and this cover version reminds us of the
best tracks by Baltimore-based soul-jazz group Fertile Ground. A majestic
composition, a noble interpretation by Ms. Jenaire and a divine musical setting: it
doesn’t get any better than this!

The PUB Report – Chicago
The People’s Urban Beat Report – Chicago

Lori Jenaire graced the musical landscape a few ye…
Lori Jenaire graced the musical landscape of few years ago with her debut CD offering,
‘Within Reach’, music enthusiasts happily took note. The Chicago native brought
something pleasingly different yet hauntingly familiar to the scene. A statuesque 6-
foot-tall beauty with dazzling vocals, Jenaire’s presence remained you of images from
the late songstress Phyllis Hyman.

Sonic Soul

Stylish class – Highly Sophisticated-Soul divStylish class – Highly Sophisticated – Soul
Diva-… Lori Jenaire serves all the important criteria for the highest-quality music
Enjoyment On ‘Frution’, Jenaire has shown herself to be a quality songwriter, with
tunes like ‘Matter Of Time’ and ‘Pieces’ – that give the listener timeless melody lines
and sophisticated harmonies.

Insight News

You really can’t fault anyone for not putting velvet voiced, LA chanteuse Lori Jenaire’s
Newest, Fruition, commence to enjoy exquisite fare. Jenaire smoothly shifts from the
sweltering heat of signature cuts like ‘If You Were Mine’ and ‘Magic Mona’ off her
incredible debut Within Reach to a fine tradeoff, sweet cool personified. It’s hard to
remember a time R&B-soul had it so good: hands down, following Within Reach, the
superb Fruition gives this singular talent back-to-back hit albums. Lori Jenaire: like the
saying goes, they just don’t make ‘em like this anymore. Except, seems
sometimes they still do.

Soul Express

Lori Jenaire’s previous CD Within Reach was one of my personal top 5 albums in
2004, and it provided the number one song for our Ouality Time top 50 picks of 2004.
This track was the Angela Bofill cover Under the Moon and Over the Sky – here’s the
‘Possessing a voice carried by angels… As she sways and swoons, her voice
Simmers and soars, gently rocking spaces we never knew we held within… ‘These
quotations from Lori Jeanire’s Website are not hyperbole: if only all 21 st century soul
music was like this! Under the Moon and Over the Sky is originally a tune recorded by
Angela Bofill, and this cover version reminds us of the best tracks by Baltimore-based
soul-jazz group Fertile Ground. A majestic composition, a noble interpretation by Ms.
Jenaire and a divine musical setting: it doesn’t get better than this!
This newie may not may not contain a similar jewel as Under the Moon, but I think the overall
quality is more consistent than on the previous CD. Within Reach contained both rich
Quality soul arrangements and more modern programmed tracks, but on Fruition even
The tracks with programmed beats have a refined musical backdrop featuring real
Instruments (saxophone, flute, flugelhorn, percussion etc.). Both Lori’s vocal style and
The atmosphere on the album strongly remind me of Vanesse Thomas’ brilliant Talk
Me Down album from 2001.

On Within Reach Lori covered songs by Angela Bofills, Stylistics and Phyllis Hyman, and
this album also includes two covers versions. The album opens with California
Dreaming, a song by The Mamas & the Papas from 1965 that has been earlier
recorded by such soul artists as Bobby Womack and the Four Tops. I’ve always liked
arranged in a smooth, programmed backdrop with a touch of flute and some nice
guitar work.

The other cover tune is a much newer tune, the Diane Warren written Lately I, originally
From Faith Evans’ 1998 album Keep the Faith. Diane Watten’s song-writing style is a
bit too Whitney-ish to my liking, but Lori’s powerful interpretation is very soulful and
brings Vaneese Thomas’ dramatic ballad Dear John to my mind.

Still, my favorite tracks on the album are original songs co-written by Lori Jenaire herself.
Matter of Time is softly floating melodious mid-swayer that is crowned by a
Saxophone solo. It is followed by a real cream cut Danger Zone, a song that sounds
like a classic Phyllis Human ballad, and Lori delivers the tune in a very Hyman-esque
way. Again, we have a soulful saxophone solo colouring the modern keyboard-
dominated backing. Splendid.
Unexpected Storm has a slight Latin-flavored rhythm laced with nylon guitar, over
Which Michael Ray blows a flugelhorn solo and Lori delivers her relaxed, full-blown
vocals. Pieces is another strong new song that is much played on UK soul radio
stations; the track would have suited perfectly Vaneese’s Talk Me Down album. Can’t
Tell You closes the album is a luscious sax-drenched atmosphere and the soulful
tune is a self-evident choice for our Quality Time column. Class written all over it! This
album successfully continues the tradition of Phyllis Hyman and should please anyone
who adored Phyllis.

Top of The Charts

Lori’s music is absolutely sensational and she really deserves to be on top of the

Hollywood FYI

“Jenaire makes her presence felt on the landscape ofDiva-dom”

Unleashed Magazine

You may not have heard of Lori before but after listening to “Within Reach” (people will
probably start comparing her vocal stylings to Anita Baker) with its quiet storm sound,
she will be making a name for herself on both the Jazz and R&B airwaves.


What a shocker this one was! The fantastic Motown classic that was covered in the
80’s by Lisa gets a BIG welcomed 2008 makeover! Will be one of the biggest this moth
for sure! Includes remixes by Ellis Miah and Eddie Baez Run, don’t walk.

Jazz News

With her sophomore release, aptly titled, ‘Fruition’, on the NBE Records, Jenaire solidifies
her stance in the music game. The twelve song selection weaves a magical web of
rhythms that whirl, sway and weave with seduction and sultry sophistication. ‘Fruition’
is the culmination of inner soul strings laid bare.